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Istas, Brooke IstasB at cowley.edu
Fri Aug 6 11:48:45 EDT 2010

It's Friday!!

I love hearing everyone's thoughts about on-line education for developmental mathematics students. Thank you to the subscribers who have posted your thoughts and please continue to post more on this topic. I know that our community college utilizes a content rich program that has embedded videos of instruction and animation, works example problems, and will even work the problem given but then will assign a different problem to the learner. But, as many of you have pointed out it isn't perfect at assessing comprehension. As I mentioned yesterday, all the emotions a learner feels when doing math impact their learning. In a face-to-face, an instructor can observe and manage a learner's non-verbal cues; which then translate into "knowing" the learner. However, if an instructor isn't physically can this be accomplished? Is it possible for an on-line instructor to truly "know" their students as well as a face-to-face instructor? What needs to be in place for a learner to "bond" with their instructor whom they will never physically see?

Just some thoughts....

I have my opinions and I would love to hear yours.

Have a great weekend, try to say cool if you are one of the many states enjoying the HOT weather!

Brooke Istas

Puzzle of the day - Since I am in Vegas this weekend let's do a probability puzzle:

Suppose you are dealt 7 cards from a standard deck of cards (52 cards), how many ways can you obtain four of a kind? (Four of a kind means - 4 cards of the same value and 3 card of a different value)

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