[Numeracy 535] Announcement: Registration Continues for Online Professional Development Courses on Numeracy

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Kaye Beall kabeall at comcast.net
Mon Sep 6 09:05:29 EDT 2010

Registration Continues for Online Professional Development Courses on

Registration continues for three online numeracy courses for adult
educators: Foundations of Teaching Adult Numeracy, Teaching Reasoning and
Problem Solving Skills, and Introduction to College Transition Math. The
courses are available at ProfessionalStudiesAE.org
professionalstudiesae.org&srcid=4593&srctid=1&erid=443971> . Courses on
number sense, geometry, data, and algebra will be offered in spring 2011.

Foundations of Teaching Adult Numeracy (course
In this foundational course you'll learn how to keep students at the center
of numeracy instruction. You'll explore the components of numeracy, how to
address the needs of students with learning gaps, how students' styles of
learning math and levels of math knowledge affect their math skills, and
ways to build student's success in learning math. You'll plan classroom
activities, test them with your students, and share your experiences with
fellow teachers.

Course dates: September 20-October 29, 2010
Course fee: $179.00

3971> now.

Teaching Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills (course
Numerate adults do more than calculate figures. They think about the
relationships between mathematic concepts and real-life situations. They
look for patterns, make predictions, and evaluate their conclusions. They
can form problems, represent them, and solve them. They apply critical
thinking skills. This course examines mathematical reasoning and problem
solving strategies and provides numerous teaching strategies and activities
that you can apply to your teaching right away.

Course dates: November 1-December 17, 2010
Course fee: $179.00

3971> now.

Introduction to College Transition Math (course

Through the readings and activities in this course, you will reflect on your
own and your students' math backgrounds, examine and experience the college
placement test your students take, try out math activities and exercises you
can use in your classrooms, and explore the math knowledge and skills you
will want to present to your own college transition students.

Course dates: October 11-December 13, 2010

Course fee: $249.00 (requires textbook)

Register now <http://professionalstudiesae.worlded.org/index.html#ctmath> .

Questions? E-mail prodev at proliteracy.org or literacy at worlded.org.

ProfessionalStudiesAE.org is a partnership of World Education, Inc., and
ProLiteracy/New Readers Press. Visit www.professionalstudiesae.org
professionalstudiesae.org&srcid=4593&srctid=1&erid=443971> for a complete
listing of available courses.

Kaye Beall

Project Director

World Education

kaye_beall at worlded.org


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