[Numeracy 547] Announcement: Math and Numeracy List is BACK!!!!

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This page contains archived content from a LINCS email discussion list that closed in 2012. This content is not updated as part of LINCS’ ongoing website maintenance, and hyperlinks may be broken.

Istas, Brooke IstasB at cowley.edu
Fri Oct 1 16:39:35 EDT 2010

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back after our brief offline week to switch over to our new
website and URL. With the closing of the National Institute for Literacy
(NIFL) September 30, the Literacy Information and Communication System
(LINCS), which includes the discussion lists, has been transitioned to
the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE).

All web pages that used to have "www.nifl.gov" will still be there, but
will use http://lincs.ed.gov.

(No www, and switch nifl.gov for lincs.ed.gov)

You do NOT need to re-subscribe if you are already a list member. You
can just continue getting and posting messages as usual.

The only difference is that instead of sending your posts to the old
address (numeracy at nifl.gov), you will send them to numeracy at lincs.ed.gov
. Please note the change in your address book!

You can also reply to any post, just as before, and it will go through.

If you invite others to subscribe, or if you have documents or links
from your website to this discussion list, please also note the change
in the List Info URL. This is where you can subscribe, see recent
postings and change your subscription options:


We also invite you to visit and bookmark the new website at
http://lincs.ed.gov for all of the other resources you have always found
on the NIFL site.

Welcome back and on we go!

All the best,



To Review:

New address to subscribe to the list:


New address to send post to the list: numeracy at lincs.ed.gov (or

just respond to a posted message)


Brooke Istas

Math and Numeracy List Moderator

istasb at cowley.edu

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