[Numeracy 560] ANNOUNCING -- A special 2010 election supplement to the "Democracy in Action" issue of The Change Agent

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Kaye Beall kabeall at comcast.net
Fri Oct 8 10:56:55 EDT 2010

ANNOUNCING -- A special 2010 election supplement to the "Democracy in
Action" issue of The Change Agent

Midterm Elections

What are they? What's at stake?

by Kristen McKenna

Midterm elections get decidedly less attention than the presidential
elections, but they still determine many important factors about our
government. This 10-page Change Agent "extra" explains everything you need
to know about midterm elections; showcases historical data about voter
turnout; charts the ways that the House, Senate and executive branch have
split power between the two major parties; provides interesting graphics,
slogans, vocabulary, and activities - all of which will help you engage
students in content that is personally (and politically!) relevant!

Find more excellent lesson plans, student essays, and engaging
election-related activities in our 2008 special issue, "Democracy in

If you are thinking about how to invite students into a conversation about
civic participation that includes voting but goes beyond it as well, this
issue of The Change Agent is for you. You'll find lessons that evoke deep
thinking about the meaning of democracy and the multiple ways adults
participate in public life.

In addition, for the adult education community, Art Ellison, Policy
Committee Chair of the National Council of State Directors of Adult
Education, writes about what is at stake for the adult education in the
upcoming election -- beyond getting out the vote.

The "Midterm Elections" supplement is available for free online at

The 2008 special issue of The Change Agent, "Democracy in Action," is also
available for free online.

Thank you.

Cynthia Peters

cpeters at worlded.org



Kaye Beall

Project Director

World Education

kaye_beall at worlded.org


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