[Numeracy 607] Re: Media Library of Teaching Skills: Ratio and Proportion and Number Line classroom Videos

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Susan Jones sujones at parkland.edu
Thu Nov 4 10:50:47 EDT 2010

This looks great :)

One thing I picked up from David Berg is to use vertical number lines. For some reason that's less confusing for lots of my guys. I'm also waiting on a "zero sum ruler" from someone I invited to join this list (she found my resourceroom.net site) and I'll let you know what happens with that (see http://zerosumruler.wordpress.com/about/ ).

Susan Jones
Academic Development Specialist
Center for Academic Success
Parkland College
Champaign, IL 61821
sujones at parkland.edu

>>> David Rosen <DJRosen at theworld.com> 11/4/2010 5:22 AM >>>

Numeracy Colleagues,

I invite you to visit the Media Library of Teaching Skills (MLoTS) to
look at the Ratio and Proportion and Pre-Ged number line lessons.



MLoTs (pronounced "mmmm-lots!", an answer to "How many videos do you
hope to have up on this web site?" )is a free adult education
professional development site with standards-based classroom and
tutoring videos. It's a "video window" into other teachers'
classrooms. You can view these short videos on your own, form small
dicsussion groups with other teachers at your program, or as a
professional developer you can incorporate them in face-to-face or
online professional development courses. Most of the lessons have
free, downloadable accompanying lesson plans, video viewing guides,
and post-video discussion questions.

MLoTS is designed for adult educators, by adult educators and focuses
on adult education classroom teachers and tutors.

Please look at these videos and post your questions or comments about
them to this discussion list. You can also send comments to the
teachers through the web site.

We want to make more classroom videos for adult ed professional
development, so contact us if you are interested.


David J. Rosen
DJRosen at theworld.com