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Tue Dec 28 12:32:21 EST 2010

Please share, post on your listservs and plan to attend!

This is a must for anyone working with struggling adult learners with a
wide range of special learning needs.

Don’t miss Dr. Richard Cooper’s mini Webinar Series-
Learning Disabilities: More than a Reading Problem

This series of four webinars by Dr. Richard Cooper offers a different way
of understanding learning and attention problems. Drawing on his 60+
years living with these differences himself and 30+ years working with
thousands of individuals who have these differences, Dr. Cooper will provide the
participants with an in depth understanding of how adults learn differently
and give examples of how to individualize instructional techniques.

Anyone who has ever attended one of Dr. Cooper’s training sessions will
appreciate another four opportunities to learn more practical teaching
techniques at a very low cost and in the comfort of their own home or office.

Learning Disabilities: More than a Reading Problem

Four (4) 1-hour stand alone Internet-based seminars - January 6 & 20,
February 3 & 17 - Sign up for all four and get one free!
Register ONLINE – _www.naasln.org/webinars.htm_
(http://www.naasln.org/webinars.htm) - See below

Presented by Richard Cooper Ph.D., Director and Founder of the Center for
Alternative Learning; is a nationally acclaimed learning specialist,
trainer, speaker and author with 25 years of experience as an adult educator,
providing staff development training nation wide on the subjects related to
learning disabilities, problems and differences. Author of Alternative Math
Techniques: When Nothing Else Seems To Work.

Date: January 6, 2010 4:00 – 5:00 pm ET
Session 1: Perceptual Learning Differences

In this one hour webinar, Dr Richard Cooper will provide examples of how
individuals perceive the world through the five senses in ways that are
different than the norm and how these differences require different teaching
techniques. He will describe the spectrum from one end, at which a person
may miss visual clues completely, to the other end, at which a person feels
overwhelmed by too many visual clues. Similarly individuals who have blurred
hearing will miss auditory sounds while others are acutely aware of them.
The presenter will demonstrate how the other senses of touch, taste and
smell also affect an individual experience with the world.
Date: January 20 4:00 – 5:00 pm ET
Session 2: Processing Learning Differences

In this one hour webinar, Dr Richard Cooper will describe his own
experiences of processing information differently than the majority of people and
how this has lead to his development of unique learning tools and
instructional techniques. He will relate his experiences to those he has
encountered working with other learners who process information differently and
present ideas on ways to help adults to more effectively create and store
memories. He will describe how attention, organization and sequences can proceed
differently than the norm. The right/left discrimination problem, which
may be the most misunderstood of the processing differences, will be
explored in depth.

Date: February 3, 2011 4:00 – 5:00 pm ET
Session 3: Communication Learning Differences

In this one hour webinar, Dr. Richard Cooper will discuss the extremes of
the communication range such as high verbal skills, mispronunciations,
creative ideas, poor writing skills, good drawing ability and poor spelling. He
will explain how a person can have a clear mental idea that he cannot
express in words or can have so many thoughts that they overlap as he tries to
explain them. He will demonstrate how to assist these different learners
to improve their communication skills by tapping their strengths and
providing lots of practice.

Date: February 17, 2011 4:00 – 5:00 pm ET
Session 4: Social and Life Skills Learning Differences

In this one hour webinar, Dr. Richard Cooper will discuss how the learning
differences in perception, processing and communication result in
problematic patterns in social and life skills. The person who hears too many
sounds may become over-stimulated and withdraw from a social gathering at an
inappropriate time. Limited vocabulary caused by blurred hearing can cause
frequent misunderstandings in relationships. These and many others examples
will be detailed and analyzed with suggestions about how to help adults
self-monitor their behavior and improve their life and social skills.

Fee per session: $40.00 Non-Members
$20.00 Members **
Fee for complete series of 4 sessions – (4 sessions for the price of 3):
$120.00 Non-Members
$ 60.00 Members **
Archived videos of the 4-part series or individual sessions will be
available in March of 2011 at the same fees as listed above.

**NAASLN Members: To get the discounted fees of $20.00 or $60.00 use your
Members Only Code when you register online or on the downloadable form. If
you don’t have your code, contact us at _naasln at kocmemberservices.com_
(mailto:naasln at kocmemberservices.com) and we will send it to you.

Go to _www.naasln.org/webinars.htm_ (http://www.naasln.org/webinars.htm)
for more information about the on-going NAASLN Webinar Series and
registration. If you have any questions, you can email us at _info at naasln.org_
(mailto:info at naasln.org) or leave a message at 888-5NAASLN (888-562-2756)
WEBINAR Benefits:
* One hour of quality professional development at your desk
* All you need is a computer and a telephone
* Real time presentations and recorded presentations
* Audio and visual simultaneous presentation
* Q & A during presentation
* Follow-up postings on NAASLN website
* Certificate of attendance offered for proof of professional development
National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs
E-mail: _info at naasln.com_ (mailto:info at naasln.com) - Toll-Free:
888-5NAASLN - Fax: 1-614-939-4150 - _www.naasln.org_ (http://www.naasln.org/)
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