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Jacqueline Kiefer jkiefer at dacc.nmsu.edu
Fri Mar 11 15:44:05 EST 2011

Thank you for sharing this with us.

I am anxiously awaiting a response from someone with knowledge or experience in Math Dance. I enjoy math and I am always looking for that kinesthetic connection for my students to help them grasp the concept. However, I am a terrible dancer, and I hope I don't have trouble making the connection myself.
Jackie Keifer

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Subject: [Numeracy 785] Math Dance

I recently came across some "whole-body math and movement activities" and I wonder if anyone has tried them with adults, or with kids.

The book is Math Dance by Schaffer, Stern and Kim (2001)

THere is a little news story and video clip at http://www.sciencedaily.com/videos/2008/0503-do_the_math_dance.htm

Anybody have any knowledge or experience with this kind of thing?

Kate Nonesuch
Victoria, BC
kate.nonesuch at viu.ca<mailto:kate.nonesuch at viu.ca>
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