[PD 4510] The Need for Digital Literacy for All

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Jackie A. Taylor jackie at jataylor.net
Mon Mar 8 11:52:21 EST 2010

Good day or evening, all!

Richard Sebastian wrote: "The nature of our networked world has given these
types of skills primacy and teachers need to make an effort to incorporate
them into their instruction, regardless of whether their classrooms are
equipped with computers or high speed internet."

I would like to see us make every effort to upskill our entire workforce
with respect to integrating technology. This is why I requested a few weeks
ago that conference announcements highlight use of technology where possible
- making these F2F sessions more accessible to those who cannot attend in
person. Thanks to Mev Miller at WE LEARN and others for stepping up to that


David Rosen also shared a statistic from Pew Internet Research. Here's more:

* Email open rates declined 63% between 2004 - 2008
* 46% of adult Internet users are social network users, up 6x's from
* 33% of cell phone users now get their news from their cell phones

Read more at http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2010/Online-News.aspx

It's time to stop viewing the integration of technology as an add-on, one
more thing to do; instead, I hope we can find (fun!) ways to embrace it and
make its use seamless for ourselves and for others.

Thanks for your Monday thoughts,


Jackie Taylor

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