[PD 4990] isn't that the President?

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Isserlis, Janet janet_isserlis at brown.edu
Thu Jul 29 16:40:25 EDT 2010


interesting use of a guided tour of a website


President Obama walks us through healthcare.gov

Jackie has suggested that I explicitly address my reasons for posting it
here - thanks, Jackie.

One of the reasons I chose it is because it's a "real" (authentic materials
sense of the word) site - it's not designed for adult learners, but it's
clearly been designed to convey a message in very clear, plain language.

I've appreciated the online / social networking conversation; I do, I admit,
sometimes lose patience with it because I wonder if we try to bend
technology to purposes for which is isn't designed - but then I also
appreciate the ways in which smart people are using it, so I try to listen
and learn.

Anyway, posting this as a way of saying, hey, there's stuff in the world
that could be useful for us (adults) to 'consume' as information. It may
inspire you/your colleagues/learners to create comparable info videos, or
might just be useful in addressing the content - health.gov


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