[ReadWrite 1792] Academic Vocabulary

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Daphne Greenberg alcdgg at langate.gsu.edu
Sun May 29 12:14:38 EDT 2011

Do any of you try to teach your students academic vocabulary? I think that this is a neglected topic in our field-and yet an important one for all of our students-GED learners, ABE learners, and ESL learners. The International Reading Association just sent out a post stating:

"Academic vocabulary can be difficult ... to master, in part because the words do not come up naturally in conversations. They also tend to be words that have very specific meanings in different contexts. For example, understanding the structure of a cell is very different from understanding the structure of a short story."

Do any of you know of academic vocabulary word lists? In the post, the International Reading Association suggested that people look at Coxhead's Academic Word List found at: http://www.victoria.ac.nz/lals/resources/academicwordlist/

It would be great to hear from subscribers on this list about this topic. Do you notice whether your students struggle with academic vocabulary? Is this something that receives attention in conferences you attend, professional development opportunities that you attend, or in meetings you attend? Do you have experiences tackling academic vocabulary issues with your students?