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Bennett, Gina BENNETT at cotr.bc.ca
Fri Jan 5 17:43:18 EST 2007

I gotta agree with you, Barry, the quality of your audio & video is
surprisingly good. Could you please share the make & model of this
little gem? The built-in mike is quite a bit better than I would have

You were asking about applications... A colleague of mine in Sweden is
using a similar camera to teach math to his distance students (ABE
level). Here is the link if you are interested:

As you can see, my colleague just points his webcam at a whiteboard on
which he works out solutions to math problems. Of course, this video is
in Swedish but no doubt you get the idea. It is a very low-tech way to
do things but he says it works & the students use these videos
extensively, both to access the class from a distance & to review.

Gina Bennett

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Subject: Goofin around with a webcam

Hey y'all,

It would be great if I could get feedback on this clip.

Ways I believe it can be used:
on a loan policy to distance learning students
online book clubs
making a class room available to online students
modeled reading, etc

Biggest bonus, this webcam cost $50, and I can use this one camera on 3
different computers now. The Sony HDDC that was used for the previously
viewed google video costs around $600 or $700.

What are possibilities you see with it?