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Amy Haywood haywoodmedspec at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 24 13:55:14 EST 2007

Can't wait for the new discussions to begin. I am a Media Specialist at a Correctional Facility in Delaware and gaining more knowledge on some of the topics listed below would really help me. Thank you.

Mariann Fedele <MariannF at lacnyc.org> wrote: st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) } Hello Tech list colleagues,
Below are the discussion topics you have suggested we pursue in the upcoming year. Thank you to all who participated in developing this list and who also made suggestions about discussion guests to lead conversations. I will be setting up dates with guests in the upcoming weeks related to these topics.

Another recent suggestion I received and very much liked was to have panel of practitioners/subscribers to the Tech list lead discussions (in addition to bringing on researchers and other high level leaders in the field). So in a subsequent message I will put out a call for volunteers among us to lead discussions for the list on some select topics.

Best regards,

Technology Discussion List Topic Recommendations for 2007:

1. I would like to learn more about teaching our students make better use of their cell phones. Most students have them but many don't know how to use their voicemail, pictures, downloading, etc., especially older students.

2. I would like to see discussed the issue of slow computer learners- either due to lack of experience, age, low literacy skills, lack of interest/need, no computer in the home.

3. I would like to see the Technology list introduce our field to some technologies in the context of their use/possible use in adult ed. These might include, for example:
1) mobile phones
2) web-accessible PDAs
3) tablet PCs
4) e-books and e-book readers
5) wikis for writing projects
6) electronic white boards
7) inexpensive (under $500) multimedia (e.g. LCD) projectors
8) video Ipods with high quality video goggles (intended for video
but maybe useful for reading text?)

4, I would like to see discussions about technology in the context of specific adult literacy setting, similar to the discussion we had about technology and learning disabilities; for example, technology and workforce development, technology and English language instruction, technology and reading acquisition.

5. I would be interested in more discussion about on-line learning, distance learning, and using these technologies to extend the reach of the classroom.

6. I would like to learn more about the basic skills students need to engage effectively with computers and make the most of computer assisted instruction or computer-based instruction.

7. I would like to see a discussion of low tech instructional media such as DVD/Video based instruction.

8. I would like to see a website where all of the links and pages suggested on the discussion list like the comic strip and others written about in the list, so that they are easily accessible from one source. The list serve has so many good ideas that it is hard to keep all of the messages and links on the users hard drive or e-mail accounts.

9. I would like to see a discussion of how the NIMAS legislation and requirements have been implemented (or not) in various states, the potential impact of digital text access for increasing literacy for all students, and the barriers/problems that states are facing and how they are being addressed.

10. I would like to see a discussion of the actual impact of Universal Design for Learning approaches & strategies on literacy access and literacy levels for students - perhaps discussing from the focus of various group needs and interests - ELL, gifted & talented, special needs, early chidhood, elementary, secondary, post-secondary

11. I would be interested in seeing a discussion about state tech plans for adult learners and ABE practitioners. In other words, what states have developed and implemented learner-centered tech plans that incorporate competencies? What was the process like? The timeframe? To what resources did they look when developing their own plan and competencies? How are plans being implemented?

12. I would like to learn more about using online instruction for professional development. I'm already doing some of it, but I feel as though I'm re-inventing the wheel with every course I develop!

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