[Technology 818] Re: Use of Video Cam- last minute registration

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Mariann Fedele MariannF at lacnyc.org
Thu Jan 25 15:03:48 EST 2007

Hello Barry,

This is really a terrific opportunity you are making available to the
field at large and to the Tech list specifically.

Please share with the Tech list any of the ideas and products that are
developed. As well, please share your experience facilitating the



Mariann Fedele

Associate Director,

NYC Regional Adult Education Network

Literacy Assistance Center

NIFL Technology and Literacy Discussion List
32 Broadway 10th Floor
New York, New York 10004
mariannf at lacnyc.org


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On Behalf Of Burkett, Barry
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 1:50 PM
To: The Technology and Literacy Discussion List
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Subject: [Technology 817] Use of Video Cam- last minute registration

Hello all,

I believe there are nine seats available for the elluminate webinar
tomorrow. The meeting will be from 10:00- 11:00 a.m., the room is
available until 11:30 for further discussion.

Responses gathered from initial respondants have the meeting revolving
around shooting, editing and uploading video (Erika and I will be
sharing why we chose the camera we did, the camera's pre-packaged
editing software, the current editing software we use, format problems,

Pretty bare bone stuff. I want side conversation/brainstorming to occur
as well. Conversations could revolve around Best Practice Modeling, Web
Based Literacy Instruction, off the wall ideas that lead to discussion,

If there is more you would like included in the presentation please let
me know and I will try and accommodate the request. If you would like to
join the Webinar e-mail either myself, barry.burkett at
franklin.kyschools.us, or erika.larson at ky.gov, by 9:45 a.m. tomorrow
morning and we will handle your reqest as best possible.

Any questions? Drop me a line and I will get the best answer I can find!

Barry Burkett, Adult Educator
Thorn Hill Learning Center
Frankfort, KY

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