[Technology 833] Re: Changing reading levels of text questions

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Steve Quann steve_quann at worlded.org
Tue Feb 6 17:40:55 EST 2007

Hi Patti,
Haven't used this, but I came upon it last week:

Sounds like you already know much of this, but here is a site that
might help with the creating/editing.


I am finding that even though there are some things that just amaze me
staff and students now we seem to ask too much of technology expect it
to be like magic. Others?

Good luck,

>>> "Patti White" <prwhite at MadisonCounty.NET> 2/6/2007 4:21 PM >>>

I received the following request and I'm stumped. Here's the request:

Do you know of a computer program that takes text and offers
suggestions for dropping the reading level.. As in maybe 10th grade to
5th grade...Is there software that does that other than just using the
Flesch-Kincaid Readability stats and doing it by hand???

Next question..When you are adapting text for folks with literacy
issues....you know how you drop the reading level down and augment with
pictures...Is there a term that is used for that ..something like
.modified text with pictures or something like that...????


The only thing I can find that might help is the Auto Summarize feature
in Microsoft Word, but it's not really appropriate. Does anyone know of
some software that will drop the reading level of text? And is there a
term for that process?

Thanks for whatever help anyone can give,
Patti White

Patti White, M.Ed.
Disabilities Project Manager
Arkansas Adult Learning Resource Center
prwhite at madisoncounty.net
800.569.3539 ph/fax/tty