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Burkett, Barry Barry.Burkett at Franklin.kyschools.us
Thu Feb 8 14:23:26 EST 2007

Hello group,

About two weeks ago I hosted an online presentation that did not go as
well as expected. Although a dry-run of sorts occurred the actual
product did not deliver as intended.

Basically, communication errors occurred from use of microphones, video
feed not being accepted, and a video file not playing on other people's
computers. Many nuts and bolts questions occurred, obscuring the
objective of the discussion, "how do we use this technology to teach
It is important that I say Kentucky does not endorse any of the products
used (cameras, software, pc, etc) I am using what bits and pieces I am
able to.

So, in order to add focus to the discussion a web class is being opened
in Kentucky's Virtual Campus for you to view. I am working on adding
content. Currently there are two videos, a video of a class being
introduced to technology, then another Camtasia production of me editing
the video. I am doing further research into the use of Video Futures
and intend to put several articles online relative to it, video modeling
and video feed forward. From these sources I intend to build a
discussion geared towards video use in literacy/virtual education.

If you have research/studies you think I might find interesting related
to Video Futures and virtual education please feel free to forward it to

I will let the list serve know when the course is ready for your view,
and when a discussion will be hosted.

Barry Burkett, Adult Educator
Thorn Hill Learning Center
Frankfort, KY
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