[Technology 894] Disucssion on Hand-Held Devices in the Classroom

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Mariann Fedele MariannF at lacnyc.org
Fri Mar 16 12:56:35 EDT 2007

Dear Technology List Colleagues,

This January the Tech list went through a process of identifying
discussion topics we would like to explore this year. Many of you had
requested a discussion on the use of cell phones, hand-held and portable
devices (like Palm Pilots) in education settings.

As such, I am very happy to announce that the Technology list will be
engaging in a special discussion on the use of hand-held and portable
devices in the classroom. Marilyn Williams, an instructor who
participated in a practitioner research project on the use of hand-helds
to support student learning will join the tech list to share her three
years of experience in integrating this technology in to her classroom.

Marilyn, will join the Tech list from April 16th through April 19th.
More information will come in the days leading up to the discussion but
for now, please save the dates.

Following is a brief introduction that Marilyn asked me to share with
you all:

Bio: Hi there! My name is Marilyn Williams and I am a middle school
teacher in Eugene, Oregon. I've been involved with a number of research
projects through the University of Oregon and have enjoyed finding new
ways to incorporate technology into my classroom. Although I'm
definitely not a 'technie' I've been using handheld computers for the
last few years and have found them to be a fantastic way to boost
student involvement and learning.

Discussion: As educators, we are always striving to better meet the
needs of all our students. In my inclusion language arts/social studies
classes, I have found that using handhelds helped to do just that. I
was so excited to see how this technology motivated my students as well
as allowed them be more successful in their reading and writing. I'm
looking forward to discussing this technology application with you.



Mariann Fedele

Associate Director,

NYC Regional Adult Education Network

Literacy Assistance Center

NIFL Technology and Literacy Discussion List
32 Broadway 10th Floor
New York, New York 10004
mariannf at lacnyc.org

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