[Technology 921] Online Multimedia E-Book

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Robert Berdan rberdan at csulb.edu
Wed Apr 11 17:00:33 EDT 2007

We have once again released an online, mutimedia e-book in
conjunction with Long Beach Reads One Book. This year's
book is Tom Brokaw's "The Greatest Generation."

The online section is at:


In this version of the book the user has some control over
the reading rate by electing to stretch the reading pause
times. Also, we have found that the default synchrony of
phrase highlighting and voice works well for the somewhat
passive task of reading along silently with the author.
For the user to real aloud, however, the highlighting
must be advanced. The user can now control the degree of

This text will be too complex for most literacy learners
but may be userful for more advanced adults and teens.

We're always happy to get suggestions and comments.

Robert Berdan
Center for Educational Technology and Learning
California State University, Long Beach