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Mariann Fedele MariannF at lacnyc.org
Fri Apr 20 16:29:37 EDT 2007

This message is being posted on behalf of Kuulei Reeser:

What about cell phones? They appear to have similar features to
plus have internet access and are a lot more affordable and accessible
the students.

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Hi Mike,
It's great to hear about all you're doing with handhelds.
Although the Palms I have don't have internet capability, the Tungsten
does have internet
capability and you can do PowerPoints etc. There is video capability as
well which would
probably take more memory than what comes standard but I bet you could
SD cards to
store that kind of data. I really don't know if a handheld would be the
tool for doing lots of
media kinds of things but it would certainly be interesting to check
I'm in the process of experimenting with downloading podcasts to the
for students to get
more practice with fluency and reading strategies. They'll be able to
my voice, as well as
read the text along with me (or someone) and they'll be asked to stop
think and possibly
record (in a documents folder on the Palm) their observations.
One other thing that might sway in favor of the Palm would be its small
and portability.

I totally agree with you that technology is only a tool that, hopefully,
makes learning more
effective and attractive. I've really appreciated the way the handhelds
encourage collaboration
among students and motivates them to extend their learning.

Thanks for your thoughts; I'd be interested in hearing what you decide
how your projects
work out!

Marilyn Williams
6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies
Kennedy Middle School
Eugene, OR

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> The following question is submitted on behalf of Mike Moyle:




> Marilyn,


> Thank you for sharing with us. Our fifth grade has used Palms for

> several years. They are used primarily for writing but also for math

> facts, organizing assignments, drawing with Sketchy, and understanding

> tessellations. The teachers are about to use them with paam.goknow.com

> Internet so the student can sync with that site when their homework is

> done, and the teacher can instantly see it.


> Our school is considering 1-to-1 technology with tablet laptop


> for grades 7-12. The teachers were each given a tablet and four days

> of

> training this summer.


> I'm trying to decide whether handhelds or tablets are the better way


> go for Lower School. You've identified the cost factor. If that is


> primary driving force, the handhelds probably are the best bet. I do

> worry, though, about not having access to the connectivity with the


> and the ability to create through programs like PowerPoint, Movie


> etc. It seems that the handhelds have a very narrow focus of


> compared to a laptop or tablet. I don't know, however, if this is a

> completely accurate view. I'd love to hear more about that.


> I was interested to read about your project with creating governments.

> I keep thinking that the technology is only a tool, and it's extremely

> important to make sure we are using it in a way that is helping


> think at higher levels, make connections, and be creative.


> Mike Moyle

> Lower School Director

> The Principia


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