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mariann fedele mariann.fedele at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 16:50:17 EDT 2007

*The following message is posted on behalf of * Paul Fletcher-McGookin

I use Palms (HH) for math related enrichment/remediation all the time.

"Math card" enables students to practice basic arithmetic and record their
results automatically. They can complete 50 problems and show me the score
the next day before erasing it.

"Algebraf" and "Summing" provide excellent practice with number theory.
Summing actually consumes some children - be careful. They will play it
whenever they can.

"Tessellation" cannot be replaced by anything when you're teaching
geometry. The children can create their own tessellations from three
regular shapes (square, triangle, and hexagon) as well as from an
octagon/square combination. They cannot believe how incredible these flips,
slides, and turns effect the patterns these shapes create. I do tell them
not to overlap their original creations, as this leads to confusing

"Inspiration" is perhaps best displayed on a computer before using the HHs.
Once the children know what to expect from the software, they use the
software without limitations. For those not familiar with this software,
it's like concept mapping. Anyone "locked" into outlining will appreciate
how you can switch back and forth from one format to another.

One other software program worth considering - 'Sketchy". It's a product
available through GoKnow.com. I'm not aware of the cost, but I can
certainly testify to the richness of its impact. Students can create
"slides" and then automate them to run one after the other. We've had some
incredible applications of this in science and literature where students
create slides and the motion is implied as the slides follow each other.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Marilyn,

Please comment about the Inspiration software program. I have a copy of this
sitting in a box, and your comments make the program sound really
worthwhile. Perhaps I could get this software placed on computers in our
classroom for writing development for the students.

Also, has anyone used Steck-Vaughn's Study Buddy handheld unit with
students? These are more expensive than the Palm, and serve a different
purpose. Study Buddy technology appears to be a handheld version of lessons
in the five subject areas. Palms appear to be more of a writing and
organizational tool.

Please also let me know if anyone out there is using a Palm for Math lessons
or games.



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