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Marilyn Williams williams_ma at 4j.lane.edu
Mon Apr 23 19:33:26 EDT 2007

Hi Heidi,
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you!
When I have students write in their document program, I'll often have them use to color to write
elements like topic sentence in green, detail sentences are yellow and the conclusion is red. It
helps them see whether they've actually included everything they need to. Also, when we're
working on grammar, I might have them write nouns in blue, verbs in green, adverbs in yellow
and adjectives in orange, for example. When doing literary elements, they might write the
metaphors in a certain color and similes in another. They also use color when doing peer editing
as a way to draw their peer's attention to a word they may have misspelled or a sentence that
doesn't make sense or missing capitalization or punctuation.

Hope that helps!

Marilyn Williams
6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies
Kennedy Middle School
Eugene, OR

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> Marilyn, Can you elaborate on how you use colored highlighting features

> as a tool in peer editing?



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