[Technology 974] Thinkfinity Discussion Forum:Integrating Technology into Adult Literacy Instruction

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Taylor, Jackie jataylor at utk.edu
Mon Apr 30 20:35:19 EDT 2007

Technology & Literacy List Colleagues:
The following announcement is posted on behalf of Susan Ohlsen of
ProLiteracy America, regarding an upcoming virtual discussion forum
hosted by Thinkfinity. Thinkfinity is Verizon Foundation's signature
program for education and literacy - a digital learning platform built
upon the merger of Verizon MarcoPolo and the Verizon Literacy Network.

For information about the discussion, please see below. Thanks! Jackie


Do you finally have the funds to purchase hardware and software for your
program but sure which computers or programs would best fit your needs?
Are you unsure how to assess student readiness to learn technology?
Are you confused about where to go to find online resources?

You are not alone!

Join your colleagues in a Thinkfinity Discussion Forum - Integrating
Technology into Adult Literacy Instruction

>From May 7th to May 11th, Thinkfinity will host a discussion forum

"Integrating Technology into Adult Literacy Instruction". Our guest
moderator will be Dr. Debra Hargrove, President of Aha! Learning
Resources and Coordinator of Florida TechNet, a technology and technical
assistance grant-funded project in Florida. Some of the topics to be
discussed are:

* Evaluating software
* Assessing student readiness for technology
* Building a community of technology-ready learners
* Online resources to use in the classroom
* Using the Internet for professional development

To access the Discussion Forum section of Thinkfinity, go to:

If you are first time user, click on the "Register here for free link"
and complete the form. You will create a username and password as part
of the registration. The Terms of Service Statement available on this
page provide directions for participating in the Forums.

The success of this discussion will depend on your participation and
sharing of ideas and resources. Won't you join us as we begin to build
our own community of learners?

The Thinkfinity Project Team