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Mary Jo Meade limber.pine at earthlink.net
Tue May 1 14:17:21 EDT 2007

Hi, all...

Comments please!!!

Material from Alternative Lens will be delivered online, but also by
content in newsprint readers. Attached is a pdf that shows pages from
the WINGS reader, which I developed for middle school ELLs. AltLens
material could be delivered in this 11 x 17-inch newsprint format or in
a larger, broadsheet format, which would allow for longer stories, more
stories and more art. Students get to KEEP these readers.

These print materials would be delivered at cost. The 11 x 17 format
seen in this pdf can be printed for about 5 cents a copy.

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Many people have suggested that Alternative Lens become a commercial
endeavor, but my feeling is that American taxpayers, taxpayers in other
developed nations, and supporters of nonprofit educational
organizations worldwide have already paid to develop the materials we
will harvest. I am looking for funding that will let us translate this
world for struggling older readers, who are often low-income
individuals, and deliver it free of charge.

It will take a village to make this happen, but I think it can be done!


Mary Jo Meade
Limber Pine Learning/Alternative Lens
2301 Stepping Stones Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
719 / 632-3978
limber.pine at earthlink.net
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