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nancy.friday at alphaplus.ca nancy.friday at alphaplus.ca
Thu May 17 10:14:32 EDT 2007

Wow Kelli, that's so exciting. Within the context of determining what topics to
focus our AlphaRoute online courses on a year or so ago, Tracey Mollins and I
talked about offering a course that would introduce blogging to learners and
engage them in a blog that they would create somehow. We didn't follow through,
but what you are doing is really rekindling my interest in trying that out this

Most of the students I meet within the AlphaRoute environment would fall within
or below the grade 6 level - or Level 3 within the 5 level we use in Ontario.
What I really like however about the online course environment in AlphaRoute is
that we get students from levels 1-5 within the same course and they respond to
each other's postings. These are students who most likely wouldn't meet or
learn together in traditional classroom settings or even small learning groups
because the levelling would divide them. I really like the online learning
environment for this.

I have alerted Tracey Mollins to this discussion and perhaps she will join us
here as well. Tracey has a blog on the Literacies Journal site that is very
interesting: http://www.literacyjournal.ca/
It isn't specifically for literacy students, but certainly is accessible and
uses principles of clear language and design very well. Check it out.

Nancy Friday

"Kelli Sandman-Hurley" <ksandmanhurley at sandiego.gov> on 05/16/2007 04:41:58 PM

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Subject: [Technology 1012] Re: technological literacy

What a great question. We are currently using the Lexile framework to help with
'leveling' websites we might recommend or write. We believe that learners have
to utilize technology (in our case, we are really talking about the internet) in
order to participate in this technological society. In response to this, we are
getting ready to implement a Blog by learners for learners. I will be writing a
WeBQuest for those who read below the fifth grade level (we are a Library based
literacy program and are average reading level is below the third grade level).
We believe that by creating these resources, learners are not only learning to
navigate the internet to get the information they need, but they are
simultaneously improving their critical reading skills, and through the blog,
those elusive writing skills. The blog writing will require them to pay
attention to audience as well.
The ezine will be a next step. All the technology we use will help them not only
with their academic skills but will help them create a community where it is
safe to write. As we all know, those extracurricular activities increase their

I highly suggest the book, New Literacies by Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel
We have developed a workshop around these topics if you are interested.

Kelli S. Hurley


Kelli Sandman-Hurley, M.S.
Literacy Tutor/Learner Coordinator
READ/San Diego
ksandmanhurley at sandiego.gov MariannF at lacnyc.org 5/16/2007 1:15 PM >>>

Hello Tech list colleagues,Is any one on the list doing work on technological
literacy with students? If so how are you defining it, and how are you teaching
it? Are there any resources you recommend?Even if you aren't doing anything
instructional around technological literacy what are your thoughts on how it
should be defined and what should be taught? Mariann FedeleDirector,NYC Regional
Adult Education NetworkLiteracy Assistance CenterModerator,
NIFL Technology and Literacy Discussion List
32 Broadway 10th Floor
New York, New York 10004
mariannf at lacnyc.org

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