[Technology 1021] Re: Library software and assistive technology

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Lynda Lincoln llincoln at scoe.net
Fri May 18 17:26:40 EDT 2007

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>From: Elizabeth Hart <ehart at csb-cde.ca.gov>

>Sent: May 18, 2007 11:17 AM

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>Subject: Library software and assistive technology


>This is a long shot, but has anyone used assistive technology -- e.g.,

>JAWS for Windows (screen reading software), ZoomText (screen

>magnification software), etc. -- with their library automation software?



>If yes, what library automation software and assistive technology

>software have you used together? Does the assistive technology software

>work well with the library software? What problems have you encountered?

>Any tips or tricks to get the assistive technology software to work?


>I've asked library software vendors how well their software works with

>assistive technology software, but most haven't even heard of assistive

>technology software, let alone know whether it will work (or not) with

>their library catalogs. Technically, of course, the library software is

>supposed to be compatible but it is almost never that straightforward.


>Elizabeth Hart

>Library Technical Assistant

>California School for the Blind

>Fremont, CA 94536

>ehart at csb-cde.ca.gov

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