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Hugo Galindo hgalindo at carlosrosario.org
Mon May 21 08:02:48 EDT 2007

Hi Linda:

I am working at a Charter School for Adults to teach English as a Second
Language to the immigrant population of the District of Columbia. We
have a 72 year old blind student who is trying to learn English. We made
several attempts to find computer assistive technology for the blind and
non English speaking student.

We bought JAWS but the student has not found it very helpful because her
lack of English. We have contacted PREMIER ASSISTAIVE TECHNOLOGY, Tel
(815) 722-5961 and they have donated a group of programs contained in a
single CD. The programs provide assistive technology to persons with

Check with them and tell them that I referred you.

Good luck

Hugo C. Galindo Ph.D.

Assistant Director

Carlos Rosario Charter School

1100 Harvard St. NW

Washington DC 20009

Tel: 202-797-4700X119

hgalindo at carlosrosario.org

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