[Technology 1043] Re: German to English translation software needed

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nancy.friday at alphaplus.ca nancy.friday at alphaplus.ca
Thu May 24 15:50:11 EDT 2007

Hi Terry,

My colleague Matthias Sturm sends the following response to your request:

There seems to be plenty of professional translation services in these areas but
I only found two software programs. Good keywords to use on Google.de are
Automobilindustrie, Bauwesen, and Übersezungssoftware.

1) @promt - http://www.abitz.com/promt/promt_features.php3

This program translates trade specific vocabulary between German, English and
Russian but the two specific areas only between German and Russian as far as I
could see.

2) Langenscheidt -

This is a e-based German-English dictionary for architecture and the
construction industry; there may be other ones that relate the automotive
industry but it's not a translation software.

Nancy Friday

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Does anyone know of a good German to English technical translator that
can translate text in the automotive/ heavy earth moving machine
industry (i.e., forklifts, tractors)? I have a company that called
because it needs this kind of software for a workforce project.

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