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Natasha Freidus tashafr at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 05:53:52 EDT 2007

For those of you interested in digital storytelling as
a tool for adult literacy, check out
www.storiesforchange.net, a new site to upload and
exchange stories and curriculum. Feel free to email me
if you have any questions. Official announcement

Tasha Freidus
tasha at creativenarrations.net

Greetings community digital storytelling facilitators
and friends!

We're excited to announce the launch of the online
social networking portal for community digital
storytelling, StoriesForChange.net. This site is
sponsored by MassIMPACT, in collaboration with the
Center for Digital Storytelling, to provide a meeting
and sharing space for those interested in using
digital storytelling for community advocacy or
grassroots social change.

Here are some of the most exciting reasons to check
out StoriesForChange.net (SFC):
NETWORK with other facilitators online anytime: SFC
gives you a chance to meet others who are doing
similar work in communities and post questions to the
group in the Forums, without having to wait for a
yearly conference.
DISTRIBUTE your stories online in a trusted place:
We've put particular attention into the "meta data" or
accompanying information that goes with digital
stories shared on the site. Your posted stories not
only have context, but they can be Creative Commons
licensed so you can control how stories are used.
Tap into a new LIBRARY of stories: Most facilitators
show at least one or two digital stories at the
beginning of every digital storytelling workshop. SFC
intends to become a great library of user contributed
stories to help share examples across communities,
cultures, languages, and contexts.
Add your RESOURCES, share your experience: Check out
the Share Your Resource option, which allows you to
share experience around the creation of stories in
various community settings.
Post your EVENTS to reach a wider audience: Post your
upcoming workshops, screenings, and meetings, so
others who are geographically close to you can attend.
The best way to get involved with StoriesForChange.net
is to signup for a membership on the site and start
sharing stories and resources, as well as posting
events. We're also hoping to start some great
discussions in the Forums section <
http://storiesforchange.net/forums >, especially in
the topic "Get Involved with SFC Site Development" <
http://storiesforchange.net/forum/603 >.

Major funding for building the site was provided by
MassIMPACT, which along with the Center for Digital
Storytelling and Creative Narrations also supported
the first annual Gathering of Community Digital
Storytelling (see blog at
http://communitydigitalstorytellers.blogspot.com) at
Massachusetts Institute of Technology in June 2006.
The site was ably built by developers at Float Left
and Vernal.

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