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Joyce Probus jprobus at ket.org
Fri Jun 15 12:04:40 EDT 2007

This video, a clip from an old Ma & Pa Kettle episode, was featured in
PBS Teachers' Media Infusion blog on June 7,
in an article written by Cindy Newton, June's featured expert teacher.

Cindy Newton has taught for 13 years, eleven of which have been spent in
a first grade classroom. She has been named Teacher of the Year by both
her school corporation and the Indiana Computer Educators. Recently, she
was named an Armstrong Educator at Indiana University, where she
collaborates with pre-service teachers through a Virtual Lab School.

I hope you'll read her article, "Mathematical Problem Solving: A Journey
toward Meaning." A regular look at the Media Infusion blog is a good
thing to consider.


Burkett, Barry wrote:

> Hey guys,


> I know we focus on literacy, but recently I have been putting time into

> researching numeracy as well. A student forwarded me this clip, it is

> from a B&W television show, but I do not know its name.


> 2 things to focus on, first the creative way to solve the problem and

> second the comments that came along with the e-mail.


> On another path, the self-deprecating way these Kentuckians pass the

> video around because it is funny, even though the tag is intentionally

> labeled to degrade us, and give those outside of Kentucky a negative

> view of Kentuckians... why do we intentionally set ourselves up to be

> labeled ignorant?


> And one more thing to notice, how dissimilar are the "incorrect"

> mathemateers from our ABE students? In my experience it seems that it

> is not that the majority of students do not know how to apply

> information they know, it is that apply it incorrectly... early

> misconceptions in both math and reading become amplified and detrimental

> to the adult as they move through life.


> Your thoughts?



> Barry Burkett, Adult Educator

> Thorn Hill Learning Center

> Frankfort, KY

> 502.223.3110


> "Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are

> incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful

> beyond imagination" - Albert Einstein


> "While adult education should be viewed as a right, not as a stigmatized

> second-chance program for those who have failed or dropped from out

> school stystems, at the present time lifelong learning is only being

> given lip service" (Askov, 2000, p. 259)



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> Ha Ha that's the way to count it huh?


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> Subject: FW: Kentucky Math

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> This is too funny! I know two kids that would try to pull this off at

> school.

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