[Technology 1077] NovaNet classes

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Selover200 at comcast.net Selover200 at comcast.net
Sat Jun 16 13:41:42 EDT 2007

Hello folks,

I am a teacher for ESL for Healdsburg Adult Ed. I work with beginning students in a regular classroom. We have a few older computers that I use for typing lessons and practice right now. My computers are too old to go on line right now, so my students need to go to another room for online access.

When students are ready to move up to a higher level, one of our other teachers as a NovaNet computer lab where students can continue working on their English at their own speed for half of the class period, then the teacher leads the class for conversation, writing, etc.

Students can go on to earn their GEDs on NovaNet. Our Alternative High School students use the lab daily to complete their high school classes. Some choose to return to regular HS classes once they have caught up.

Reg HS students also attend the Adult Ed sessions to make-up classes that they missed or failed so that they can graduate.

I think that NovaNet also has college level courses. There is another program, ELLIS, for Jr High and Elementary students. It is on line.

Has anyone else used NovaNet or ELLIS?

Linda Selover