[Technology 1081] Special Topic: Community Literacy Discussion, June 25-29

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David J. Rosen djrosen at comcast.net
Sat Jun 16 23:02:53 EDT 2007


We will hold a discussion about community literacy on the National
Institute for Literacy Special Topics discussion list during the week of
June 25 -29. Our guests for this discussion will include, among others:
Margaret Doughty, Carl Guerriere, Petrice Sams- Abiodun, Darlene
Kostrub, Jeff Carter, and Kathy Chernus.

We will discuss:

* what community adult and family literacy means
* what the community literacy purposes and goals are
* why community literacy is important
* who key community literacy stakeholders are
* examples of community literacy coalitions
* incentives and strategies for strengthening community literacy
* how to measure the health, outcomes and impact of community literacy
* the effect of community literacy on a community
* what we know about community literacy from research
* what the relationship is of community literacy to workforce
literacy, workforce development, and transition to higher education
* the role of technology in community literacy
* what resources are needed for effective community literacy
* how literacy organizations can work together to make literacy a
top community priority

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I look forward to your joining us in this discussion.

David J. Rosen

Special Topics Discussion List Moderator

djrosen at comcast.net

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