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nancy.friday at alphaplus.ca nancy.friday at alphaplus.ca
Thu Jun 21 09:39:40 EDT 2007

Hi Heidi,

Thanks so much form including AlphaRoute and our research in this list. Just a
correction - for an easier access to the AlphaRoute Trial site and the reports,
I would bookmark this URL: www.resources.alpharoute.org


"Silver-Pacuilla, Heidi" <HSilver-Pacuilla at air.org> on 06/20/2007 02:19:18 PM

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Subject: [Technology 1096] Re: Last week - references and

Hello all - I promise to post my full bibliography when the paper is
approved, but in the meantime, here are some excellent starting points:

The AlphaRoute site from Canada, all of their reports were very helpful
(www.alpharoute.com <http://www.alpharoute.com/> ) - Nancy Friday
represented their work in several posts last week

OTAN's website has a great collection of articles, resources, and links
related to technology in adult teaching and learning ,

Thank you Leslie, for posting the Project IDEAL site

Expanding Access to Adult Literacy with Online Distance Education by
Askov, Johnston, and Petty, a NCSALL publication has a wealth of
references, available at http://www.ncsall.net/index.php?id=15

The CA Distance Learning Project has good recent publications,
resources, and links at

Thank you for sharing, everyone! Heidi


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I have been out of the office for several days and just jumping into the
posts. Here are a couple of resources that might be useful starting

* Project IDEAL has a Handbook of Distance Learning as well other
resources available for download on our website (projectideal.org). The
handbook is designed to help agencies think about issues involved in
establishing distance education programs, including recruiting and
orientating students, teaching and assessment.
* Adulted Online has a free online self-assessment to help
teachers determine what skills they need to to develop to be effective
distance teachers (adultedonline.org). But it's not just a checklist.
There are short video-clips of a master distance teacher discussing the
ways in which distance and classroom teaching differing and offering
teaching strategies. The assessment provides feedback on areas of
strength and weakness and suggests resources for those seeking to
develop their skills.

As I clear off my desk a bit more I will try and pull together some
additional resources. Good luck with your efforts!

Leslie Petty
Associate Director
Project IDEAL
The University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research

Burkett, Barry wrote:


In your first post last week you mentioned that you had been doing
research on distance learning. I know you said you did not have a
bibliography ready yet, but would it be possible to get some of the
Authors, Journals, Books or online resources you have been reading. The
list does not have to be comprehensive, but a starting point would be

Thanks for your time last week. I enjoyed reading the thread immensely.

FYI, for the past 5 weeks I have been working with low level literacy
students using a class that was 1/2 computer based and 1/2 person to
person. I started out with five students, one wanted one on one
tutoring, and the other 2 stopped attending, but the two that did remain
made decent gains according to the Nelson-Denny reading test.

Barry Burkett, Adult Educator
Thorn Hill Learning Center
Frankfort, KY

"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are
incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful
beyond imagination" - Albert Einstein

"While adult education should be viewed as a right, not as a stigmatized
second-chance program for those who have failed or dropped from out
school stystems, at the present time lifelong learning is only being
given lip service" (Askov, 2000, p. 259)


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