[Technology 1115] Re: NYC School to Promote "Gaming Literacy"

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Melinda Hefner mhefner at cccti.edu
Mon Jun 25 15:41:44 EDT 2007


From the article.... “This means learning to think about the world as a set of in interconnected systems that can be affected or changed through action and choice, the ability to navigate complex information networks, the power to build worlds and tell stories, to see collaboration in competition, and communicate across diverse social spaces. It means that students and teachers will engage in their own learning in powerful ways,” she added. Being the left brainer that I am, I would be interested in hearing how student learning is affected and the impact on learning gains.

I think this is absolutely fascinating. I'm concerned, however, about those who do not have access to this kind of technology, and I'm not necessarily referring to individuals in third world countries but folks in my own country. I continue to be concerned about the digital divide but I don't think a "socialist" approach is the answer. There are also those who are concerned about societal implications of this kind of technology. Of course, those are conversations for another day.

>>> "David J. Rosen" <djrosen at comcast.net> 06/24/07 7:00 PM >>>

Technology Colleagues,

A new NYC public school is being designed that aims at literacy and
other skills through "game designed and game-inspired methods." I do
not know if this was inspired by James Gee's writing, or if its
design comes from other sources, but I think this is a model we may
want to pay attention to. To read about it, in an article from
Industry News, go to:


David J. Rosen
djrosen at comcast.net

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