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Steve Quann steve_quann at worlded.org
Thu Jun 28 13:33:55 EDT 2007

Thanks Trucy. This is a great annotated list that had slipped my mind. Within seconds I found some very promising links to look at.

>>> <trudy.kennell at alphaplus.ca> 6/28/2007 12:56 PM >>>

Hi everyone,
Steve, I work with Nancy and Matthias at AlphaPlus here in Toronto and thought
it was about time that I jumped in here too. We have a "border-free" resource
everyone can use, no matter where in the world you're located, called the Index
to Web Resources. It's an amazing collection of Web sites devoted to literacy. I
just took a look at the items listed in the Index under "computer skills" and
there are 60 Web sites listed for that term alone. Some of them may be
duplicates of yours, and some of them aren't tutorials but it's worth the trip.
There are more than 1000 entries in the Index - you'll probably find some of
your own work there.
To find the Index, go to our Web site: www.alphaplus.ca. On the top menu there's
a red tab called Library Services where you'll find the link to the Index to Web
Resources. You'll see a subject keyword search feature. I chose C and then
Computer Skills.
Happy hunting!
Trudy Kennell
Curriculum Developer and Editor
AlphaPlus Centre (http://alphaplus.ca)
Telephone: 416-322-1012 ext. 302, 1 (800) 788-1120
Fax: 416-322-0780, 1 (800) 788-1417
TTY: 416-322-5751
trudy.kennell at alphaplus.ca

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