[Technology 1186] Re: Alternativves

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Taylor, Jackie jataylor at utk.edu
Fri Jul 27 12:38:37 EDT 2007

Hi Howard, and thanks for your note!

As a NIFL moderator (Adult Literacy Professional Development List) I can
say that NIFL moderators are not able to do the snipping themselves (we
are not permitted - nor would we want to edit others' posts); though
updating the netiquette in that regard may be a useful place to start.
And I'm also guilty sometimes of not deleting the string of replies (in
my own posts) that do not pertain to the particular point or dialogue at
hand. (Sometimes I just get in a hurry!) So it will also be a habit
change too. But a useful one, I think, that would help keep some folks
from otherwise falling off of the daily dialogues.

Best, Jackie

Jackie Taylor, jataylor at utk.edu

"It would be a benefit to all the nifl
lists, so if it is possible for this to be done - either by the
moderators or by amending our etiquette policies, the idea and solution
should be shared with everyone."