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Penny Pearson ppearson at otan.us
Mon Jul 30 16:41:57 EDT 2007

Hello David and Technology and Professional Development Colleagues,
Ironically I was "eLearning" through various modules offered at
AtomicLearning ([ http://www.atomiclearning.com ]www.atomiclearning.com)
when this message was received. I just had to offer my two cents.

First, as a teacher (vocational ed) about the only way I could learn new
things was to do it from home on my own time [which wasn't paid by the
adult education school I worked for - yet I was responsible for teaching
the subject]. As a passionate teacher I happily did so - often working 10
to 15 hours MORE per week to support my students' learning. My personal
feelings held to the idea that it was my responsibility to grow myself
professionally, but I was often chided by my colleagues who felt such
development activities should be supported [read that: Paid for] by the
school administration. It was implied that my continued growth and ability
to teach many subject areas cast a poor light on those teachers who did
not participate in as much professional development activities.

Second, in June I move up into my current position with the Outreach
Technical Assistance Network in California. This organization is all about
supporting adult education, especially helping teachers learn and
integrate more technology into their day-to-day classroom activities.
[thank you Marian!] Now I am in a position where I can sit at my desk and
pull up virtually any type of tutorial video I might need -- this is
extremely useful not only to learn brand new software programs that I do
not know, but also to refresh my memory for that one task I forgot how to
perform in my favorite word processing program. Talk about "just in time
learning!" All teachers should be as lucky!

To be honest, I feel a bit guilty! It feels odd to be learning something
online while on the clock. But I must admit -- it doesn't stop when I
leave my office. I STILL tune in to some interesting webcast, webinar,
online tutorial, or instructional video while at home. So do I think
eLearning works from the desk? Absolutely. Most effectively if the topic
is short, to the point and repeatable.

Penny S. Pearson
Project Specialist, Technology Projects OTAN
[ mailto:ppearson at otan.us ]ppearson at otan.us
[ [ http://www.otan.us/ ]http://www.otan.us/ ][ http://www.otan.us

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