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Tina_Luffman at yc.edu Tina_Luffman at yc.edu
Thu Aug 9 16:27:15 EDT 2007

Hi Barry and all,

If you go to iTunes and select Podcasts>Education, you can locate a page
of educational podcasts such as Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Lessons.
You can also access this site at QDnow.com. There are a lot of ELAA
materials in iTunes for those interested. I cannot claim to have ventured
much in iTunes, but have at least checked out some of the Grammar Girl's



Tina Luffman
Coordinator, Developmental Education
Verde Valley Campus
tina_luffman at yc.edu

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[Technology 1196] Podcasts

Barry, and others,

On Jul 16, 2007, at 8:38 AM, Burkett, Barry wrote:
I am really enjoying the podcast "Adventures in Transformative Learning,"
which revolves around adult learning. I am hoping there are more Podcasts
like this out there... does anyone know of other literacy or ABE podcasts
available on the Net?

Here's a short list of podcasts in adult education, some for students,
some for teachers, some for both.

What would you add to this list?

What is a Podcast?

Podcasting makes audio files, usually in MP3 format, available for
so you can listen at your convenience. You don't need an IPod; any
media player can play the files. For students, podcasts are particularly
useful for ESOL
learning. You can connect to others' lessons or create your own.

ESL/ESOL Podcasts

Commercial site. They charge for Learning Guides but offer podcasts free.
Nearly 300 podcasts

English Caster

Up-to-date materials to help adult students who wish to prepare for U.S.

Other Adult Ed Podcasts


Festival of Literacies Podcasts

A podcast project for adult literacy undertaken in Canada by the Festival
of Literacies, sponsored by the Adult Learning Knowledge Centre, an
initiative of the Canadian Council on Learning, a national, non-profit,
independent organization committed to improving learning for all
Canadians. There are four podcasts. Of the four, the first one, Talking
with Fran and Judi, has very good subject matter, but very poor sound
quality. The other three have higher quality audio.The goal of the
podcasts was to capture research in practice knowledge.

Adventures in Transformative Learning – for teachers and learners
Intro clip:

David J. Rosen
djrosen at comcast.net

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