[Technology 1208] Re: Computer simulations for low-income adult learners

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Stacie Lynch-Newberg SNEWBERG at wwcc.wy.edu
Mon Aug 13 11:22:28 EDT 2007

Good morning everyone,
A great site for instructors and students to learn their learning style and be provided with study tips is the VARK http://www.vark-learn.com/english/page.asp?p=questionnaire <http://exchange.wwcc.wy.edu/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.vark-learn.com/english/page.asp?p=questionnaire> . The learning style inventory allows me to tailor information visually, auditory or hands-on based on the students learning style, who might be struggling in my class.

It also works into a great lesson plan for students who need to convert information into their learning style for the GED test, college or work. I use it with my GED math students, Transition to College students, and developmental math college class.

Stacie Lynch Newberg
Western Wyoming Community College