[Technology 1211] Re: Prosessional Development Design & Developmentfor the 21st Century

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Bakin, Barry barry.bakin at lausd.net
Mon Aug 13 18:58:43 EDT 2007

I don't know if it's been mentioned in this forum or not but there's an
interesting discussion taking place at Sylvia Martinez' blog on her
experiences with using SL as an educator. It's worth looking at for
some of the issues that she raises. You can read through her original
posting as the responses at
fe/ Again, as David notes, my position is not one of saying one should
use or not use Second Life but rather what would it take to get to the
point that educators would want to invest their time to make this
technology tool practical for the students they work with. Speaking as
one who is extremely pleased to get something as basic as an email
message from a student, it would take some doing to expect my students
to be creating avatars and visiting educational sites on SL on their
own. I'm not convinced yet that my time is well-spent on encouraging
that endeavor.

Barry Bakin
Pacoima Skills Center
Division of Adult and Career Education,
Los Angeles Unified School District

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Hello Mark, and others,

Thanks for your thoughts on the use of Second Life (SL) for adult
literacy education. I hope you will share some of your group's
research on "under what conditions and for what purposes 3DVR might
be more appropriate or effective than other tools/environments for
learning" and what you see as some of the opportunities and
limitations of using Second Life. I would like to learn more about
what "we need to advocate *for* educators *to* vendors like Linden
Labs, so they build in more education-appropriate features." What
features on SL do you think are worthwhile? What other features
should we be advocating for?