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Kaye Beall kbeall at onlyinternet.net
Sat Sep 15 09:11:24 EDT 2007

Theme: Voting and Advocacy
Voting is one of the most fundamental ways to participate in democracy. Even
those who cannot vote can still be a part of elections in other ways.
Speaking up about issues that matter to you is also an important part of
civic life. We are interested in hearing from teachers and adult learners
about their experiences with voting or advocating to change public policy.
The writings will be considered for a non-partisan edition on Voting and
Advocacy that aims to provide adult educators and learners with re-usable
materials that encourage activism, advocacy, and informed voting.
Questions for students and teachers to think about (please choose one
question to write on):
● Have you recently voted in an election? What motivated you to do so?
Why vote?
● Have you ever been involved in calling, writing or visiting your
elected representatives? What was the situation? How did you feel? What
difference did it make?
● If you can’t vote but you’re politically active, tell us what you do
to get involved in elections or support candidates or campaigns?
● Have you ever spoken up for something you believe in? What was it? What
was your experience? What other channels (besides voting) have you used to
make your voice heard?
● What do you think about the U.S. electoral system? Feel free to comment
on any relevant elements, such as representative democracy, the electoral
college, the two-party system, etc.
● Some people are not allowed to vote, such as those who are under 18,
those who do not have citizenship, and (in some states) those who have
committed felonies. What do you think about this?
● Teachers, are you organizing your students to vote or advocate for
changes in the program, the community, the state, or the nation? Tell us
what you are doing, what progress you’re making, and how students are
responding to these activities.
● Write to us about successful lessons you’ve used in your classroom on
voting or advocacy. Send us a lesson plan or lesson description that other
teachers could use.
All articles must be received by November 12, 2007.
All articles will be considered. Suggested length is 500-1,200 words. Final
decisions are made by The Change Agent editorial board.
A stipend of $50 will be paid to each adult education student whose work is
accepted for publication in this issue.
Please send material (preferably by email) to:
Cynthia Peters, Editor
New England Literacy Resource Center/World Education
44 Farnsworth St., Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-482-9485 fax: 617-482-0617; email: cpeters at worlded.org

The mission of The Change Agent is to provide news, issues, ideas, and other
teaching resources that inspire and enable adult educators and learners to
make civic participation and social justice concerns part of their teaching
and learning. It is published by the New England Literacy Resource Center at
World Education.

<http://www.nelrc.org/changeagent> www.nelrc.org/changeagent

Are you an Adult Education Student who is also an

Graffiti Artist
Computer Graphic Artist
Calligrapher ????

The Change Agent - a social justice magazine for adult learners and adult
educators - comes out twice a year. We are looking for artwork,
illustrations, and innovative designs to accompany articles in upcoming
issues. Please submit a sample of your work. We will keep your name and work
on file and we will call you to solicit your help with designing and
illustrating future articles. If we use your work, we will pay a stipend of
$50. Contact Cynthia Peters at cpeters at worlded.org or 617-482-9485. Send
your samples to The Change Agent, 44 Farnsworth St., Boston, MA 02210. Learn
more about
The Change Agent at <http://www.nelrc.org/changeagent>


Kaye Beall

World Education

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Linn Grove, IN 46711

Tel: 765-717-3942

Fax: 617-482-0617

kaye_beall at worlded.org


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