[Technology 1304] Tech Self-Assessment, what about tutors?

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Marian Thacher mthacher at otan.us
Mon Oct 1 14:51:43 EDT 2007

Jennifer Williams asked if this discussion would be good for tutors of
adult learners, or more geared to a formal classroom situation. I would
say that although the self-assessment is geared towards classroom
teachers, tutors could gain some ideas from taking it as well. While you
might not do a video project with an individual learner, a tutor could
certainly use word processing or spreadsheet skills to create activities
and worksheets, some assessment issues would be the same, and assistive
technology might be appropriate in some situations. So I encourage tutors
to participate and let us know which parts you find relevant to your

Marian Thacher, OTAN
P.O. Box 269003
Sacramento, CA 95826-9003
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