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Gail Spangenberg gspangenberg at caalusa.org
Mon Oct 1 13:36:04 EDT 2007

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> New York, NY 10-1-07 -- The Council for Advancement of Adult

> Literacy (CAAL) has released a new Policy Brief by senior analyst

> Julie Strawn of the Center for Law and Social Policy. This


> ALIGNMENT, was prepared for the 3rd meeting of the National

> Commission on Adult Literacy on August 20, 2007. As introduced by

> its author, the publication focuses on "helping adults with lower

> skills and/or limited English proficiency earn postsecondary

> credentials that open doors to family-supporting jobs." It examines

> obstacles to moving toward this goal -- with major attention to

> lack of alignment between federal and state adult education

> efforts, job training services, and postsecondary education

> policies. It also draws attention to the financial, personal, and

> family challenges that prevent adults from seeking and completing

> programs. Numerous policy and action recommendations are given for

> Commission consideration. The publication is available for download

> from the website of the National Commission, at

> www.nationalcommissiononadultliteracy.org/pandp.html It is also

> available in bound version from CAAL (for pricing and ordering

> instructions, bheitner at caalusa.org).


> Other materials developed for various meetings of the National

> Commission are also available at the Commission's website. The

> website, and publications and the activities of the National

> Commission, are supported by grants and in-kind support from the

> Dollar General Corporation, The McGraw-Hill Companies, the Ford

> Foundation, and several individual donors including Harold W.

> McGraw, Jr.





> Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy

> 1221 Avenue of the Americas - 46th Fl

> New York, NY 10020

> 212-512-2362, F: 212-512-2610

> www.caalusa.org




Gail Spangenberg
Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy
1221 Avenue of the Americas - 46th Fl
New York, NY 10020
212-512-2362, F: 212-512-2610

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