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jennfwms at aol.com jennfwms at aol.com
Tue Oct 9 20:26:23 EDT 2007

This is great. I immediately forwarded it to my adult literacy group witha receommedation to use in conjunction with workplace literacy as well as the rest of the programs.

Thanks for finally posting.

Jennnifer Williams

GA State Grad Student

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Good morning,


My name is Kelly Potter and I work for a free, online training website, GCFLearnFree.org. We are a free program b/c we are funded by Goodwill Industries of Eastern NC. Our goal is to provide learning opportunities for people so they can acquire the skills they need to be succeed. I’ve been reading this discussion list for about a year now, but have never posted before. I’m excited that now I have some worth posting about!


Since 1999 GCFLearnFree.org has offered free computer training online. This training includes topics such as Open Office, Computer Basics, Internet Basics, and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher. We’re currently in the process of revitalizing our computer training curriculum to include video lessons along with our text-based lessons.


Just this week we launched a new project, which we call Everyday Life. It is geared toward adult basic education, ESL students, and learners that need to acquire functional literacy skills. Some of our initial lessons include how to use an ATM, complete a bank deposit slip, use bus maps, and complete a job application.  Our interactive lessons are not intended to teach vocabulary and reading skills, but rather to provide learners with a safe environment where they can practice new skills without real-world consequences and the fear of failure. Our goal with these lessons was to create a  realistic environment that learners would relate to. Some of the lessons are intentionally easy, and we will be adding lessons in the future to increase the difficulty level.


So far, we’ve used local literacy centers as a resource and as a source of user testing. If you have a moment, please take a look at our Everyday Life curriculum and let me know what you think. You do have to create an account on our website to view the lessons; however, it is free and the only personal information we ask is your email address. We don’t share your information with others and we’ll only send you information about the site if you opt-in for the newsletter.


Please post your thoughts to the list, or you can email me directly at kelly at gcflearnfree.org. I’m interested in any feedback you have about our Everyday Life project and hope that it will be a resource you can use with your learners.


Thank you,

Kelly Potter



The freedom to learn what you want, when you want, absolutely free!


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