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We use a tool call LiveText at GA State university to produce and post portfolios. Students  were charged  $75 for their subscription. However, I think that was imposed by the school versus the tool. I am sure they were trying to recoup their cost for the licenses.

The tool was very user friendly. I am a pretty simple technology user so I didn't try to use many fancy functions but I believe the capability is there.

I hope this is helpful.


Jennifer Williams

GA State University

Masters Student

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Hello all,

David (Rosen) suggested adding the sixth element of online portfolios.  


As part of the online graduate work I'm presently working through with the University of Phoenix Online (Masters in Adult Ed and Training), we are required to build such a portfolio using Taskstream.  Taskstream is new to me -- http://www.taskstream.com/pub/    

(and you might want to check the "about us" tab), perhaps it is already familiar to many of you?


I'm enjoying my beginning efforts at creating my online portfolios [my very very beginning attempt at first one is here: http://www.taskstream.com/main/?/dilatush/WelcometoHollyDilatushsPORTFOLIO.html  ] 


I like the ability to create different ones, to have them "open to the world" or limited to those with the 'key' password.  You can then market yourself appropriately for different specific niches.  


I have not made the time to research but wonder if there are any open source online portfolio systems/models out there?   On a quick Google search I found this, but did not explore: http://www.osportfolio.org/. 


Certainly many people create their own webpages – but for those less savvy or time-limited (speaking of course, of myself!), and for the added 'panache' and guidance/structure, access to such a resource as TaskStream is much appreciated!   As part of our coursework, we're encouraged to include papers, PowerPoints, etc.  Your CV gone live!   I'm excited about expanding and embellishing mine with info from various PD opportunities, conferences, presentations, books & articles which have influenced me, etc.   It should prove to be an interesting reflective project.   And, think of the future paper shuffling it should save!


I can see great benefit in enabling such an opportunity AS PART OF routine PD for anyone, perhaps especially so for educators – and if it were more routine – think how useful it might be in screening applicants for new positions – [TaskStream has a user search feature, message board, more – I'm still learning my way through it].  


Many job search sites ask you to upload information – but it's often reformatted, less attractively, and it's a major nuisance to copy and paste.   How nice to have such an online portfolio to share – to refer people to.


Unfortunately, the cost is a tad prohibitive for many individuals.  [Taskstream does have a two week free trial option]

Holly (Dilatush)

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