[Technology 1358] New technology skills for living in a democracy

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David J. Rosen djrosen at comcast.net
Thu Oct 25 20:39:14 EDT 2007

Technology Colleagues,

The ability to video record yourself may now be an essential tool to
make your voice heard -- and seen -- in our democratic process. You
may be aware that YouTube has been providing opportunities for
ordinary people to make short videos, post them, and perhaps to have
them selected for presidential candidate debates.


Now, former Vice President, Al Gore, has created Viewpoints


which he describes as follows:

"Viewpoints is a virtual town hall where you can share your opinions,
in video, about the issues that matter in the 2008 election: from
global warming to government eavesdropping, and many more.
This digital town hall is already bustling, and you can find
viewpoints from me and from a lot of people, including the candidates
running for President. Come and listen to their positions and, more
importantly, tell them and the rest of the world what you think!"


Is making short digital videos a new technology competency for
participating in the democratic process? Should we be teaching
students how to make digital videos and how to upload them to Web
sites? Should we also be teaching students how to use telephones and
email to contact candidates' campaigns to make their concerns known?
In a democracy is this a new basic communication skill?

David J. Rosen
djrosen at comcast.net

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