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David J. Rosen djrosen at comcast.net
Sat Oct 27 22:42:03 EDT 2007

...and the web address for MLoTS is:


David J. Rosen
djrosen at comcast.net

On Oct 27, 2007, at 7:17 PM, David J. Rosen wrote:

> Colleagues,


> The Media Library of Teaching Skills (MLoTS) project, a free Web-

> based library of short digital videos of adult education classrooms

> and tutorials, now has three MLoTS-created reading and numeracy

> videos and over 30 other videos, including those from:


> • NCAL/ILI Professional Development Kit (ESOL and basic literacy

> tutoring)

> • NCAL/ILI Captured Wisdom (integrating technology),

> • OTAN (integrating technology)

> and

> • CLESE (an informal assessment to capture what low-literate ESOL

> learners can and cannot do with literacy)


> I hope you will take a look. If you know of other good classroom or

> tutoring short videos in digital form, please let me know. I am

> hoping that MLoTS will become a large, "one-stop" collection for

> adult literacy education classroom videos.


> David J. Rosen

> djrosen at comcast.net




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