[Technology 1369] Professional Development Quality Standards Discussion

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Taylor, Jackie jataylor at utk.edu
Fri Nov 2 10:01:39 EDT 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Have you ever attended a professional development (PD) activity and
wondered why you spent your time participating? Have you ever attended
professional development and felt that your practice significantly
improved because of it?

Join the Adult Literacy Professional Development Discussion List for a
three-part discussion of quality professional development that will
culminate in finalizing a set of PD quality standards that AALPD will
use to advance quality professional development in the field.

Subscribe: http://www.nifl.gov/mailman/listinfo/Professionaldevelopment

When: November 12 - 30th (Quiet week November 19-23)

History: http://tinyurl.com/36raut

Additional Resources: http://tinyurl.com/3xd5c8

Please see below for details. For a web-based version of the
announcement, visit: http://tinyurl.com/32k3zr

I hope you will join us! Best, Jackie

Jackie Taylor, Adult Literacy Professional Development List Moderator,
jataylor at utk.edu

Part I: Quality Professional Development

When: November 12 - 16

What makes quality professional development? Join us to discuss what
subscribers identify as quality PD, and to explore the benefits and
issues with building a professional development system based on quality

* What are characteristics of quality professional development?
* How do you know it when you see it?
* What is the value added in having PD standards?
* What are the drawbacks?
* PD Providers: Are standards really going to help you provide
better PD?
* Practitioners: Are standards really going to help you identify
quality PD?

Part II: Reflection Week

When: November 19 - 23

AALPD will disseminate a set of quality professional development
standards and indicators that the AALPD PD Standards Committee has
drafted. This is a quiet week to:

1. Reflect on the quality characteristics generated by list
subscribers during Part I.
2. Review the AALPD draft PD Standards. Ask yourself the questions
listed in Part III below, to prepare.

Part III: AALPD Professional Development Quality Standards

When: November 26 - 30

Join us to discuss the draft AALPD PD Quality Standards. Based on this
important discussion, a final draft of the AALPD PD Quality Standards
will be sent to the AALPD Membership for an up or down vote. A final
version will be placed on the AALPD Website, and will become the
foundation for a program and state self-assessment tool to advance
quality professional development in our field.

Discussion Questions Include (but are not limited to):

* How well does this draft measure up with what subscribers have
indicated is quality professional development?
* From this draft:

* What are the most important PD standards or indicators
from your perspective?
* What are the most important standards to advance PD in
your area/state?
* What PD Standards would be easy to implement?
* What would be hard to implement?
* Is there anything missing?
* Is there anything that isn't clear?
* What would need to be in place in order to make these
standards possible?


>From the Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers (AALPD)

Standards Committee and Executive Board



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