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Courtney Leigh DuBois cdubois1 at student.gsu.edu
Wed Nov 14 10:38:26 EST 2007

I know there are issues with "griefers", people who cause chaos, disrupt groups and/or impede movement. I experienced a griefer in an eLEarning class in SL. This particular griefer just pushed people around and disrupted class.

We were in a public space and would have had more control in our own private area. To create yoour own private area you have to buy an island. Buying an island is an expensive way to have more control in the SL environment.

I found this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education
Second Thoughts on Second Life

Thanks for being up the issue of liabilty. Although I don't agree with the gloom and doom feel of the article, I think some the concerns rasied are valid. I am definately going to look into the issue.


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Thanks, Courtney. I will check these out shortly. In the meantime, have you been involved in any discussions of liability when resources such as Second Life, Active World, etc. are used? Just last week I was in a meeting where someone said that there were emerging liability issues? Any insight into that?