[Technology 1397] Re: New technology skills for living in ademocracy

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Mariann Fedele MariannF at lacnyc.org
Mon Nov 26 10:21:38 EST 2007

Hello all,

In reference to David's post; The Literacy President web site is:


Mariann Fedele
NYC Regional Adult Education Network
Literacy Assistance Center
NIFL Technology and Literacy Discussion List
32 Broadway 10th Floor
New York, New York 10004
mariannf at lacnyc.org

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> David,

Eric wrote:

> Thanks so much for you post. I have been working with film with 5th


> for the last four years. Teaching them this new digital technology has


> very rewarding for them, and they really enjoy learning how movies are


> After my work with the students, I've had many of them go on to work

at the

> middle and high school levels with films and even made their own

movies to

> put on You Tube. The only thing to be cautious about is that most


> under 18 have to sign a publicity release before they can upload


> to a website within the academic setting. Privately, they can do


> they like. Encouraging them to play with this technology will


> make them more prepared to survive in a digital world.

Eric and others,
I wonder if there are adult learners whom a Technology list subscriber
could help to make a short video of their story that ended with a
question for the presidential candidates such as those listed on the
Literacy President web site. If so please let me know.

David J. Rosen
djrosen at comcast.net