[Technology 1401] Re: funding sources for computer/web based familyliteracy programs

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Vicki Trottier vtrott at ntl.sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 26 15:40:29 EST 2007

Hello Paul

The organization I work with, Community Literacy of Ontario, is a network
that works with over 100 community-based literacy agencies in the province
of Ontario. We have provided online workshops for the past few years for our
member organizations and others. Our focus has been on professional
development, although other groups in Ontario have done eLearning with
literacy students.

One of the courses we have offered was the Foundational Family Literacy
training that was originally developed by the Family Literacy Centre in
Alberta. With their permission, we adapted that training for online delivery
and offered it three times over the course of three years. Other
organizations across Canada have since then also offered the course online.

We have also offered workshops on recent initiatives in the Ontario literacy
field as well as workshops on organizational management, strategic planning
and marketing to name just a few.

We have also developed a series of web-based modules that are available at

You can find some of our project reports at our website www.nald.ca/clo.htm;
click on the "publications" link from the left-hand side menu.

Unfortunately, I can't help you with funding sources since we are in a
different country!

Vicki Trottier

Community Literacy of Ontario


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Subject: [Technology 1400] funding sources for computer/web based
familyliteracy programs

I am doing research on grants for community based literacy programs,
including computer/web based classes.

The focus is on Citizenship, ESOL, Spanish literacy, health education, and
computer skills.

So, I am accumulating information on foundations that provide grants for the
above and also course programs that might be worth adding to my list.

I would be very interested in communicating with anyone, especially those
working in social service NGOs or churches.

Paul Rogers

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