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akira at boston sabes akira.kamiya at umb.edu
Thu Dec 20 16:26:16 EST 2007

fun thread idea !

I think the most useful thing that I did in the beginning (mid to late 80s)
was to use
PINE, a unix commnad line email program and also read usenet news groups.
This was when the world wide web was only text based and strickly
non-commercial !
My how things have changed.

These two things really made me think WOW this is revolutionary stuff !
Instant communication; one to one and one to many from all over the world !



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On 12/20/07 3:51 PM, "Mariann Fedele" <MariannF at lacnyc.org> wrote:

> Hello all,

> It¹s a good time of the year to take stock and reflect. A recent CNN article

> (link below) begins, ³Like a first love or a first car, a first computer can

> hold a special place in people's hearts. For millions of kids who grew up in

> the 1980s, that first computer was the Commodore 64. Twenty-five years later,

> that first brush with computer addiction is as strong as ever.²


> For you, what was that first piece of hardware, software, or internet

> application that captured your imagination and brought you in to the

> technophile/techie fold?

> When working with your students is there something that is sure to get them

> hooked and motivated to explore using new technologies?


> I was a Commodore 64 owner myself. It was mostly used for playing Pong, but it

> was fun and was a gateway. How about you?


> http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/ptech/12/07/c64/index.html



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